cutting-board-catering04Food is life, love and happiness. Food is a passion and a way to express ourselves. (Not to mention, really freakin fun to eat!!) Cutting Board Catering truly loves what we do and wants to share that passion with you. We strive to make you go mmmmm…..

Buffet/Hors d’oeuvres Menu Choices
H = Served Hot           V = Vegetarian            l = Low Carb


mini hawaiian phylo pizzas (H)
mediterranean spinach dip with pita chips (H/V/ l)
rosemary roasted potatoes (H/V)
crab stuffed mushrooms (H)
jalapeno cornbread bites (V)
caviar station
chicken salad on toast
roasted pears, pecans and blue cheese toasts with balsamic (V)
vegetables with dill dip (V/ l)
pesto potato frittata (V)
love bites – melon with prosciutto and brie
smoked salmon bites (l)
ham pinwheels
turkey pinwheels
feta cranberry pinwheels (V)


dijon chicken skewers (H)
smoked chicken quesadillas (H)
pulled pork with grilled onions on toast (H)
polenta tartlets (V)
mediterranean pizza bites (H/V)
mini greek phylo pizzas (H/V)
bbq meatballs (H)
island chicken and pineapple skewers (H)
marinated baby bellos (H/V)
breaded shrimp (H)
crab cakes (H)
brats in beer (H/ l )
bbq mini-weenies (H)
assorted fresh fruit (V)
chipotle artichoke spread (V/ l)


hot goat cheese and marinara (H/V)
cajun chicken (H/ l)
cajun salmon (H/ l)
dilled salmon (H/ l)


chocolate covered pretzel sticks
lemon blueberry mini-cupcakes
cream filled puff pastries
red velvet mini-cupcakes with cream cheese icing