Social: have a special occasion coming up? Let cutting board catering make it specialer! (Yes, I know that’s not a word, but we like it : ) Whether it is a birthday party, anniversary, graduation or just a gathering of friends, CBC can provide the perfect menu for the occasion.

Weddings: It’s your big day. Let Cutting Board Catering make the food memorable (in a good way!) We will work with you to find the perfect menu for your perfect union. Check out some of our ideas… (link to “other yummy ideas to chew on”)

Corporate Services: Having a company party? We’d like to show you how to have a fabulous party (to make your employees happy) while still being mindful of cost (to make your bosses happy). See sample menus for corporate events (link to menus – priced out).

Personal Catering: CBC would like to spice up your Monday through Thursdays… Tired of cooking? Just want something different for the weeknight? Cutting Board Catering will be happy to come take the work off of your hands for a night or two. See sample in-home personal catering menus (link this) and let me know what night you want me to come over for dinner!